Meet your Instructors


Heidi Anderson

Heidi has been teaching group fitness for almost 15 years and loves the collective energy that a group of people getting their sweat on together creates. Heidi teaches a variety of different styles of group exercise, but with every class she strives for the same goal- to give students a workout where they have fun, are challenged, and feel successful at the end. As they were creating this platform, both Heidi and Jacqui wanted to ensure that students felt like they were having an authentic in-studio experience in the comfort of their own home. Find me on IG: @theplantbasedmama_


Jacqui Mimno

Jacqui’s passion for health and fitness is infectious. Known for her fusion of many practices, her unique approach offers students a balanced workout that builds both strength and flexibility. In the studio, she creates a light, fun and uplifting environment to energize and sculpt the body and foster mind/body connection. She is known for her accessibility, humor and ability to empower her students to find balance in their workouts and in their daily life. Find me on IG: @jemtone

Updated Weekly Workout Schedule

We recently launched "The Quickies" class pack and think it's perfect to pair with "The Fusions" for a week of well-rounded workouts! Here is a suggested schedule to take the guess work out of your weekly routine :) PS you can purchase "The Quickies+Fusion Bundle" for a discounted price on these classes.

Next Live Class

5/9 at 11am EST

Join us for a 50 minute "HIIT + Barre" class- a.k.a the perfect workout! Class will begin with Heidi taking you through 20 minutes of HIIT moves and Jacqui will guide you through the last half of class with traditional barre exercises. Proceeds from this weeks charity class will benefit "No Kid Hungry."

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Live Personal Training

via Zoom

We are both accepting online clients for personal training. Scroll up to our bios for our email addresses and reach out if you are interested in working with us!